Special Webinar Website / Platform

Vistream loves to make you feel that your live webcasts are exclusively yours! You may use special Vistream websites with customized design and software for all your webcasts and online videos.

The website to be created exclusively for your webcasts may be located under any domain name you wish. Moreover, thanks to the ‘Chat Panel’ in the system, users may write their questions for the speaker on the screen.

Our platform, which we have created based on our webcasting experience so far, is improved daily and customized in line with the requests of our stakeholders. Our website infrastructure is completely flexible, and is offered free with the services you receive. The most important question about the webcast; “Where we shall watch it?” will thus be replied: “Over a customized platform created exclusively for you, using your own product/brand colors”.

Green Screen (Chroma Key)

You may produce your videos in one of our favorite settings, Vistream’s Green Screen studios, to make them more convenient.

You may add any visual, video or graphic elements in the background of videos made on Green Screen to customize.

Make a Difference with Customized Videos

Survey Module

You may communicate with the participants and get their feedback through the survey we will conduct on our webinar website following the webcast. All the questions in the survey may be changed, added, or removed in line with your requests.

Polling System

You may ask instant questions to your viewers in your webcasts, and show the replies to them and to your speaker simultaneously. This feature will also enable tour viewers to join the webcasts interactively.

Simultaneous Interpretation

What would you say if we told you that Vistream is smart enough to meet all your language-related requests anywhere the world?

Vistream’s infrastructure enables you to make your webcasts in several languages simultaneously. Audiences may view the webcast in any language they choose, and may switch from one language to another instantly over the Vistream webinar platform.

This service includes commissioning interpreters in any language requested, providing the technology for interpretation booths, simultaneous interpretation during webcast, streaming the interpretation, and the integration of languages on the webinar platform

Advanced Video Creation

Vistream enabled you to create, edit, and improve your videos with the help of our expert teammates.

We can do all the editing for all your green screen or location videos with our team consisting of live streaming and video editing experts.



You may add subtitles in any language to your videos created, made, and completed for your product/brand. Vistream makes it very easy make your videos understandable anywhere in the world, and add the most suitable subtitles in line with the video content!

Voice-over Service

We can adapt your videos to the language of your choice! You can adapt your videos to the language of your choice via the professional female or male voice talents you may select from our Voice-over service, thus enabling your content to be used in different countries.

Report & Analytics

All the data about your webcasts are submitted afterwards the through our advanced reporting tools. These reports may be customized in line with the data requested. In general, reports include the following details:


  • Region Audience

  • Country Audience

  • Session Audience

  • Region - Session Audience

  • Country - Session Audience

  • Question list from audience

Survey Results

Messages / Question List

Time Analysis

  • Average Time Spent on the Webinar

  • Region Average Time Spent

  • Region Total Time Spent

  • Country Average Time Spent

  • Country Total Time Spent

  • Session Average Time Spent

  • Session Total Time Spent

  • Region - Session Average Time Spent

  • Region - Session Total Time Spent

  • Country - Session Average Time Spent

  • Country - Session Total Time Spent