Lecture Recording

So you need a recording for educational purposes? Vistream loves education and will help you. Recording the education you give is the simplest way of reaching wide audiences. Provide your audiences with a full and fun experience through the synchronization of the trainer and presentation.

Congress Recording

Do you want to record the presentations in your congress? Vistream will record all the webcasts in as many halls as you wish, and as many languages as you require. You don’t need to do anything for that, Vistream will manage it all.


Surgery Recording

Your operations are recorded by Vistream.
We record your operations and enable you to use them for educational purposes. Operations recorded through the devices you choose are synchronized and shown to the viewers down to the smallest detail.

Short Video Recording

Whether in a real setting or in front of a green screen, the best way of giving your message is through ‘short videos’. Vistream helps you to make short video clips in any subject. And you don’t need to give it a director’s chair, it’s not capricious at all!

Interview (Vox-Pop) Recording

When you want to make interviews with the experts in any subject, you just call Vistream. Vistream likes listening to interviews as much as recording them, and records your interviews in any subject, anywhere and any time to enable you to give your messages directly.

Interactive Video

Do you want to increase interaction with your videos? This solution is right for you.

You may make your videos interactive and direct your viewers. You may get feedback from your viewers through the interactive features you may add to your videos, and also make them into stories. Basically, you may add the following functions:

  • Gathering data in the prespecified parts of the video (ie. Name, Last Name, etc.)

  • Conducting surveys

  • Asking questions and getting replies

  • Directing the flow of the video according to the replies from the audience

  • Dividing your videos into chapters

  • Enabling document downloads in specified parts of your videos

  • Referring to relevant links in prespecified parts of your videos